How to Calm Your Anxious Thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety? This article explores what anxiety is, why it happens, and simple techniques to calm anxious thoughts right now.

How to Cope with Seasonal Depression?

Living in Canada or northern regions inevitably means experiencing recurring seasonal changes that bring both minor and major disruptions to our daily lives. Who better than us, fellow Quebecois and Quebecoises, to know that the end of one season and the start of another is a transitional period that requires our bodies and minds to adapt?

How to Respect Yourself in Moments of Change

We all have to deal with changes that we did not choose. How can we be actors of change, while continuing to respect ourselves?

Adapting to Change: How do Emotions Play a Role?

During our lives, we are all inevitably faced with different changes and transitions. Some changes are things we wanted and/or planned while at other times they are completely unexpected and/or unwanted. In any case, change can be destabilizing!

The Glass of Water Metaphor: Managing Mental and Relational Availability

You are probably wondering why I want to talk about a glass of water with you today. The glass of water is a metaphor I like to use during appointments to talk about your mental and relational availability. Too often, we don’t listen to ourselves enough, which can result in conflicts, impatience, a drop in desire and many other things that are not that easy to manage.

Navigating the School System: Supporting Your Child’s Challenges

There is no right or wrong time to talk about getting help for your child. This is a topic we need to talk about as often as possible to help demystify a situation that many parents go through. We aren’t able to choose the moments when our child needs us to step in for them! This article is an opportunity to share the information I wish I had read 5 years ago when I traded places at the parent-teacher conference table… changing my perspective from that of resource teacher to mother.

The 1 + 1 = 3 Rule: How to Thrive as a Couple

You might think that I am terrible at math... Wait until you understand my reasoning. Why should healthy couples follow this rule? Logic is not always the answer, especially when it comes to love.

Demystifying therapy - The first appointment

In my last article, I highlighted the importance of the first phone call as the moment where the relationship with your therapist begins. The first appointment often follows suit; this is when you will finally meet your therapist.

Mental Load and Low Sex Drive: Tips for Finding Balance

Mental load is a term we hear a lot these days. Sometimes defined as a burden, mental load is in fact the cognitive load of all responsibilities associated with our roles: partner, parent, employee, student, etc.

Building a Blended Family: An Inspiring Example

With spring break around the corner, I would like to spotlight my own reconstituted family. Our reality can be complex but nothing is impossible with love and quality moments. You might find some inspiration in the way we tackled some of our challenges. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in this article.

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