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As a mental health professional, you take on significant challenges. With Psylio, we aim to support those who dedicate themselves to supporting others.

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Thanks to Psylio and Jade, you can improve your organic search rankings at no cost! Personalize your profile to showcase your personality and highlight your professional skills. A personalized profile will help you stand out and attract clients who align with your professional interests.

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Optimize your recordkeeping

Psylio will become your everyday ally. It allows you to manage your schedule, records, and billing simply and efficiently, all while ensuring security and compliance with professional requirements.

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Trusted relationships established with thousands of professionals

« Un accès totalement en ligne, une interface intuitive et épurée, des fonctionnalités pertinentes ainsi qu’une gestion facile des finances, voici ce que j’aime de Psylio. »

Virginie Blain
L'Association des Orthopédagogues du Québec
Cegep de Chicoutimi
CSS du Fer
Accent Familles
Corporation des Zoothérapeutes du Québec

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Find out how these platforms can be your best allies in optimizing your online presence and simplifying the management of your professional practice.

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