Photo of Alexandra Verreault

Alexandra Verreault

Psychologist, Psy.D.

Alexandra has worked as a clinical psychologist since 2018, providing psychotherapy to adult clients. She specializes in relational issues and life transitions. Through her empathetic and caring approach, Alexandra aims to restore balance and flexibility in her clients' lives, while also helping them discover more adaptive ways to overcome their difficulties and meet their needs.

In addition to her clinical practice, Alexandra serves as a product manager and clinical content specialist at Optania. In this role, she applies her expertise to create tools for an application designed to support college students. Her creative solutions and dedication to student well-being establish her as a key figure in this field.

Demystifying therapy - The first appointment

In my last article, I highlighted the importance of the first phone call as the moment where the relationship with your therapist begins. The first appointment often follows suit; this is when you will finally meet your therapist.

Mastering Compassionate Listening: Tips for Supporting Others

How many times have you felt powerless when faced with the suffering of another person? How many times have you looked for the right thing to say, the right gesture, or the right attitude? How do you cheer someone up without seeming dismissive, or show your compassion without being over the top?

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